Saturday, October 10, 2015

Landscape Version 1.4

Hey kids! It's that time of the year again, when I realize I've been hoarding changes to Landscape and I could probably share the love.

So I just posted version 1.4 of Landscape. It's a simple way to create responsive webpages, currently (see below) OSX only.

You can get the free demo here:

You can also buy a license here.

Cool stuff in version 1.4:
* Added new Facebook Comments feature:

* Increased WC3 compliance. With the exception of third party html, Landscape's main html and CSS should be fully WC3 compliant now. No, seriously. I'm not kidding. Check it out yourself, by clicking here. I know no one cares about WC3 compliance anymore, but that's how Landscape rolls.

* Addressed some CSS concerns. There are still some CSS issues, but most stem from vendor names, and I'm looking into what can be done there.

* Increased awareness of other pages in the same site - linking now detects other landscape pages and lists them in a popup menu. All you have to do is have the other landscape documents in the same folder, and it should figure it out.

* I removed the incorrect alt tags for images, and changed those to title tags in the html. Why? Because the technique I'm using to make images load super fast on mobile devices doesn't lend itself to using an alt tag. This should suffice though.

* Fixed an issue where page background colors were slightly wrong. This also fixes one of the WC3 compliance bugs as well, where a page could have an RGB value of 256,256,256.

About that Windows version:
The Windows version is being written from the ground up in LiveCode. Changes in LiveCode 8 kinda broke things, so I'm going back to version 7 until they fix them. I filed bug reports. I trust it won't take long.

But in general, for the Windows version I'm changing the way a lot of the app is designed, so it's easier to add things to it in the future. The Facebook Comments plugin mentioned above is actually the first "plugin" compatible with both the Windows version and the OSX version. As soon as the Windows version is something resembling a beta, I'll let everyone know.

Oh, and if you want to try it when it's ready, please send me your email address here, and I'll add you to the list!

Thank you,

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